On Wednesday, May 6, the virtual Jobfixers BRC kicked off. The online rally championship in cooperation with the RACB will be run over 9 races on the very popular game Dirt 2.0.

Dynamixx, the Limburg-based company that develops simulators, is a partner of the championship.

In corona times, virtual races and rallies have a boost. Rally pilots and rally fans satisfy their hunger for speed and adrenaline on rally games. A steering wheel and pedals makes the experience life-like. Those who want it even more realistic opt for a simulator, such as the sets produced, sold and rented by Dynamixx, the company based across from Circuit Zolder. For Jochen Lenaerts, the world of rallying is familiar territory. “I grew up in the rally milieu, as my godfather was active in the organization of the Rally of Looi. I went from childhood to watch, film and help as a track post. Since 2000, we have been active in the world of simulators, evolving more towards the circuit,” says Jochen Lenaerts of Dynamixx. “In the racing world, most drivers train on a simulator, as they are an excellent training tool for hand-eye coordination and concentration training. For example, Tom Boonen, among others, trained on our simulator and we ourselves recently participated in the virtual Belcar opening race. We develop and produce simulators ourselves, but we also work together with other manufacturers. We can supply all types according to the wishes and needs of the customer, from simple to hyper sophisticated.” The demand for good simulators is also increasing in rallying. “Especially in these corona times, the demand has skyrocketed. Rally drivers try to stay in rhythm a bit that way and online competitions are a nice challenge. For the virtual Jobfixers BRC, we are happy to provide a simulator that can be tested by the rally drivers,” says Jochen Lenaerts. “In the course of the championship, we will invite different rally drivers and participants to set their times on the Dynamixx simulator in our studio. It will undoubtedly produce beautiful, exciting and spectacular images,” concludes Stevy Courteyn, promoter of the Jobfixers BRC.